We (I, my wife and two children) were a family residing in Galle District. Our 1st child a son about 6 years old and was attending the year one (1) Class at Richmond College Galle.

 Our 2nd Child is a daughter 2 years of age, we found out that she was unable to talk freely, and was shown to the E.N.T. surgeons in Galle and Colombo.

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Upon extended tests it was found that the child was born with impaired hearing. We were advised to use hearing aids and to consult a doctor and submit to speech therapy.

 As a diabetic patient the news of the child was so shocking, my blood sugar level rose and had to undergo medical treatment for a long period of time to bring back my health back to normalcy.

We could not find a place for speech therapy in the Galle region. But found information of a school for children impaired of hearing conducted by Sister Greta at Lumbini Mawatha, Dalugama, Kelaniya.

 After going through the interview and proper tests by the Sister, it was disclosed that the child was infact a very clever girl for studies, and it was some relief for the mental agony to hear that the child was accepted to the institute in Kelaniya.

Looking to the interest of the child’s future we had to close up the house in Galle district, take the son off from the Richmond College to which the admission was sorted with a great difficulty. An annex (a small apartment) was found and moved to Kelaniya for our living. Then the son too was shifted and admitted to a school in Kelaniya.

 The little apartment in Dalugama, Kelaniya is at a rent of Rs. 4,000/= per month. Water and Electricity at a separate cost. Beside that the extra cost on our child's special Education Scheme that require Platignum, Homranpas, Marker Pens, Cotton wool, Binder Gum, Bristol Board, White Board, Exercise books, Laminating Charges and other stationery and implements comes to about another Rs. 4,000/= per month. The batteries for hearing aids cost about Rs. 500/= per month.

 As the system in this school the mother too has to come daily with the child. All exercises done in school has to be practiced at home with the child. So there is an additional cost for the mother’s clothes and daily traveling etc.

 I have to bare all these expenses. I don’t have a permanent job too. The work I do is on a daily payment basis, and I am desperately finding it very difficult to make ends meet.

 Along with this letter I am submitting all medical and other reports for your information and observations.

 We appeal to your Foundation to consider any possible assistance to foster the education to our child. This speech therapy has to be continued even at the level of higher education. With the low income of ours, and the sky high as it seems the cost for the on going Therapy to the child. Only upon such help as such as from you, that we could manage to have a proper glimpse for the future of our child.

 All our efforts to the child’s education and the future will well materialize only upon extended assistance from you. Due to the difficult circumstances faced by us, therefore we urge your good foundation to kindly consider any and all possible assistance to help make and build a future to our child.

 There is also the bank account bearing No. 1-0067-02-4206-3, which is opened for her at the Kiribathgoda branch of the National Savings Bank, Kiribathgoda, Sri Lanka.

 If you may graciously consider granting assistance it could be directly remitted to her account monthly.

 Hoping and awaiting a reply soon with your favourable response.

Thanking you in advance.

Yours faithfully.

G. L. Sarathchandra


 G. L. Sarath Chandra
No. 77/3, Kandy Road,
Sri Lanka.